Hi! I'm Cyrille Labesse, I work and live in Berlin, Germany.

During the past 8 years, I have been working on projects using the Ruby on Rails web development framework. The framework helps you build high-end web applications or simple websites in a very agile and fast way.

When I'm not behind a computer screen, I'm either mixing, cooking, drinking solid german beer, sprinting or just walking around this beautiful city.

I enjoying traveling, close or far away from where I am. I also enjoy teaching what I do, last year I gave a couple RoR classes at HETIC, a Parisian IT school, and today, I am training other software developers 1-on-1 and I am mentoring 5 students through CareerFoundry

Originally from a Parisian suburb, I have lived in many English-speaking countries and moved to Germany in 2012.

I am available to talk

I am always on the lookout for the next big thing, people who want to develop their RoR skills, or just awesome projects in general. Feel free to contact me if you are looking for a Rails developer (or just some advice) and I'd be glad to answer your questions.

You are also welcome to give me a call at the following numbers

Wherever Skype


Germany Mobile

+49 (0) 160 183 8851






Feel free to drop me a quick line using the form below

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If you really need to get my email address, you can download my PDF Resume and find it on the left hand side.